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Thank you so much for coming to our brand new blog! This will hopefully become your official source for news and information about our skilled nursing facility, Jackson Ridge Rehabilitation and Care (as well as Independent Living apartments). You can use this blog as a source of information about upcoming events and other important announcements from staff and management.

This is our first post, so our focus is on you being able to find information the next time around. Please make sure to bookmark our main blog page for easy access in the future, or subscribe to our Jackson Ridge Rehabilitation and Care RSS feed, and keep in the know for Jackson Ridge!

One Comment on “Welcome To Our Blog!”

  1. This is not the place you would put someone you love in. This is not the place you would put someone in if you didn’t love the person. This is not the place you put someone in that you disliked. My mother-in-law had to go to a rehab after she got out of the hospital and this is the place she went. She was only there for one and a half days before I signed her out AMA (against medical advise).
    There were several safety issues. It took eight hours for them to get her medications from an outside pharmacy. She is a diabetic and they never checked her glucose (she was on insulin in the hospital). She went the entire night without a working call light (her nurse was informed about the nonworking call button). There are other issues I could mention but I’m sure you get the point of what I’m saying. Just think twice before you put anyone you know into this facility.

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