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Therapy and rehabilitation can help with issues arising out of major, life-altering events, such as surgery, trauma, accidents, broken bones, stroke, and other issues. Therapy may be necessary short term or long term, and depending on the need can be achieved as in-patient therapy or out-patient therapy.

At Jackson Ridge our goal is to energize and motivate our rehab clients so we can focus on achieving the highest possible reclaimed movement and functionality. We want to help create the possibility for a higher quality of life for every one of our residents and clients.

Our rehabilitation providers offer physical therapy, speech, and occupational therapy. Each of our therapy professionals will help engage you or your loved one to help motivate you on the path to reclaiming health and abilities.

Therapy at Jackson Ridge Rehabilitation and Care

Occupational Therapy

Work with our occupational therapists to meet or beat personal goals and achieve better functioning with daily living skills.

Physical Therapy

Bone, joint, neuromuscular and cognitive issues can all be helped with an effective physical therapy program.

Speech Therapy

Improve speech ability, swallowing ability, communication issues, or eating issues with our licensed speech therapists.

We are here to help you improve your functioning ability and return home as quickly as possible.

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