Here is a collection of testimonials and reviews from our current and past residents and families.

Thank You

We would like to thank you for taking such care of my dad over the course of the past year. We are truly grateful for your unconditional love for him.

-Written by the family of one of our residents

Thank You Note

A Resident’s Letter

This outstanding community gives me the freedom to come and go as I please; the choice to make wonderful friendships, participate in a variety of activities or spend quiet time alone. So many retirees wait until it is too late to plan their later years. I am here having so much fun. This is luxury retirement living at its best. Most important of all I am living in a peaceful, safe & secure environment.


The entire staff at Jackson Ridge were all very courteous, friendly, and professional. Thank you for the excellent care you gave my father in his most difficult years. I will think of you often.

I have been so impressed first and foremost by the excellent standard and level of care by the entire staff — they really go above and beyond. The food is excellent, there are always tons of activities for us to do.

The six plus years my mom spent at Jackson Ridge were made easier to bear due to your kind and caring staff. Thanks to each one who had a part in her care. Compassion, kindness, patience (to name a few) describe the staff at Jackson Ridge.

This is the place to be!

Firstly, we would encourage people to come while you can still enjoy the facility and all of the activities that are offered. In making our decision to move here, the key things to us were the proximity to all of our friends, family and doctors as well as teh excellent standard of care from the entire staff here. It was also important that it is a quiet, peaceful and secure place to live. It’s a warm and caring community and has become a part of our extended family. It is just wonderful and most importantly, it’s all encompassing!

From the minute she arrived at Jackson Ridge Rehabilitation and Care, I could sense that my mother felt safe and loved there. It was so clear that the staff knew exactly what to do and that they really cared about her. For my mother, it was as though she could finally relax and say to herself, “I’m in the right place.” I am truly grateful for all they do.

Thank you so much for the beautiful fruit basket. It is and was appreciated. Thanks for taking such good care of my darling Alma. I will never forget you!

Thank you again!
Jim B.

P.S. You’re not a 5 star nursing home, you are a 10 star in my view.

I attribute my husband’s improvement to the wonderful care he receives at Jackson Ridge Rehabilitation and Care. The nurses and staff are totally engaged with each of the residents, knowing what they need and caring for them. They treat the residents with respect and love. They have encouraged my husband to build his strength through assistance and praise. They clap and cheer for him when he makes progress and are genuine in their happiness. It takes very special and loving people to work in these situations. Jackson Ridge has assembled a staff that is truly special. They care for each individual as if they are family, not a patient. They engage no only the residents, but the families as well, allowing everyone to participate in the care.

!!! We want to thank the entire staff for all you did for Helen. I know you do the best you can! In her last month or so she spoke often of how nice the restaurant (dining room) was and how nice the staff was. She said the food was good and it was very clean–specially the shiny floor. She liked the clean floors. We were fortunate to come in to contact with many wonderful patients and their families.

There is no way of telling you how much I’ve appreciated the wonderful basket you sent to our family. It was very beautiful and delicious! The staff at your facility is the best, they were like a part of our family.

Barb G. & Family

Thank you for the wonderful fruit basket. And thank you even more to you and your staff at Jackson Ridge for the wonderful treatment my mother received over the past six plus years. Mom truly felt like she was part of the Jackson Ridge family. There are many caring staff members on the South side that went above and beyond to serve my mom. Please extend thanks from our entire family to your team on the South Side.

I just want to thank you for your call on Sunday and let you know how much I appreciate your concern and kind words. I’ll never be able to thank you and all the others at Jackson Ridge for everything you did for Rosie, as well as my mother, during the years they were with you. I truly believe that God guided me to Jackson Ridge, where He knew they would be so well care fo. They developed very close relationships with so many of the staff and I know that Rosie looked at you as her family after Mom passed on. She would tell me about the ones who were getting married, having babies, adopting pets and keep me informed as to what was going on there. She had a special affinity for animals and I remember when a llama was brought to Jackson Ridge and it kissed her on the cheek. The owner said it had never done that before. But animals could sense her love for them and returned it. All my pets, over the years were drawn to her. She had a gentleness about her that they could sense and there was an immediate connection. She was generous, kind and loving and I remember when she told me she was giving neck massages to the employees and charging them 25 cents. She did have a thing about her money and safeguarded where she kept it. She had a sense of humor and will be missed. It made me sad to see her quality of life slip away over the past couple years.

I’ve been getting cards, phone calls and emails from friends and family. Everyone is being so supportive. I’m so blessed to have such dear friends. I know, in time, the sadness will lessen. I remember the last time I saw her and what I said to her, that I loved her and would see her in Heaven. It was very difficult to leave her that day but I knew she was in a place where she was content and comfortable and would continue receiving loving care.

Please tell everyone I send my deepest gratitude for everything that was done for Rosie over the past 12 years. I will never forget any of you. You’re all very special people and will be blessed for the devotion and loving care you give to our loved ones who have been entrusted to you. May God bless you.

The family of Betty L. would like to express our sincere thanks for all of the care, love and concern she received in your care. It takes very special people to work with the elderly.

Thank you so much for the fruit basket. It was very nice and we are grateful for your thoughtfulness. May God continue to give you the strength, and patience you need.

God be with you all,
John G. L. and Family.

I’ll never forget any of you. You’ve treated my sister like family for over 10 years now. Every one of you has been a God Send!

Words cannot come close to telling each and every one of you how much I appreciate your hard work, dedication, caring for, and most important, loving my mom. Visiting her at Jackson Ridge was much more than just visiting her, it was spending time with friends.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to you for the care you gave my brother. As sick as he was, he was able to say that he liked it there. His needs were always taken seriously and handled immediately. You always found time to keep us informed and explained things to us.

You should be very proud of your staff. There are just too many to mention, but whether they took care of mom’s needs directly like the nurses or aides or indirectly like the cooks or housekeepers, they did so with love and kindness as if she were their own mom or grandma. As if that wasn’t enough, they showed the same love and concern to me. No one every seemed to get tired of me — talking their ear off, some days calling countless times or bugging them for medicines or extra care for mom.

A very special thanks to you and your staff for the wonderful care that mom received while she was there. We can’t begin to tell you how nice it was to see so many people who really cared about the residents. From the office staff, the nurses, nurse’s aides, housekeeping and even maintenance. She was treated with gentleness, caring and respect. So again thank you for making her last days comfortable and letting her know that she was loved and cared for.

Thank you all so much for caring for our mom during her stay. Each and every one of you are amazing and we truly appreciate your patience and the “special” care she received.

Our family would like to express our gratitude to the staff at Jackson Ridge for making mom feel so comfortable and so well taken care of during her life at Jackson Ridge. Many staff members came in to see mom during her last hours and to see such compassion from them was very heartwarming to our family. Also in calling us early in the day to alert us to her distress allowed us to gather family so mom was surrounded by her living family.

Thank you for caring.

There are no words in our language to define the quality of care that your staff provides to loved ones who live at your facility. They all know it isn’t just the pills and shots and baths and food and laundry. As each employee goes about their job, they are cheerful and friendly. You should rename your place Jackson Ridge Caring Center. All of the visiting groups who came to entertain or lead worship or visit were wonderful also. Those events and the activities brought life and excitement into the place. When you go into many facilities, you can’t help but see it is a nursing home with lonely people just sitting about. Please make sure every one of your staff knows how much we appreciated them. I know there are long shifts and headache shifts and times when going to work is not the favorite choice. But each one made a difference in Dad’s life and in mine as well. On behalf of my brother and his wife, who were equally impressed with the staff, I would like to humbly thank you again.

I just wanted to first thank you for the beautiful fruit basket that was sent to my home. That was so thoughtful and we truly appreciate it.

Secondly, I want to thank you and your staff for everything you have done for my father over the past 3 years. As you all know, he was the dearest, sweetest man I know.

And, lastly, I cannot go without letting you know about one of your nurses. When we arrived back at Jackson Ridge it was a very difficult time. The first night was very rough because I don’t believe the staff really understood that my father was in his last days.

However, on Friday a true Angel, Ashley the nurse, came in and introduced herself to me. She truly was the most compassionate, caring, thorour nurse I have ever come in contact with. I am in the skilled nursing facility business and she by far went way above and beyond with my father. It was evident that she has a passion for taking care of the elderly.

On Saturday night when Dad passed she was supposed to leave at 11:00pm and needless to say she was still sitting with me long after her shift ended and Dad passed at 11:44pm. I could not go without letting you know what a jewel you have!

Thank you again for everything.

Thank you so much for the beautiful fruit basket in memory of our mom; it was so very thoughtful. We appreciate the wonderful care all of you provided for Mom. Thank you again!

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